The Prime Minister believes investment and jobs will help tackle the "root causes of terrorism" in the Middle East as she makes a new commitment to Jordan.

On a visit to the country, Theresa May will vow new long-term financial backing to help Jordan transform its economy.

The UK will initially provide £94.5m to improve education, create jobs, and "boost Jordan's long-term economic resilience".

Speaking in the capital Amman, the Prime Minister called on the rest of the international community to contribute.

"Jordan's stability is crucial to our interests in the Middle East and we are committed to helping them create jobs for all Jordanians," she said.

"I call on other countries to join us in this transformative effort so Jordan can continue to deliver vital support for the Syria crisis and remain a beacon of hope in the Middle East."

Jordan borders conflict zones in Syria and Iraq and currently hosts 1.3 million Syrians, half of them registered as refugees.